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April 28, 2015


Barbara Hurst

So sad for you and the weather to spoil your dogwoods, oh Mother Nature can be cruel sometimes. Love that top image so much.


After we wait so long for the loveliness of spring flowers, it's difficult to be excited after a storm rips them apart, isn't it? My little dogwood was damaged about 4 years ago, with the wind breaking off the top portion, leaving the base stem. I just let it sit for a while, I was so disappointed. Then, new growth started to appear, and now it's back, filling out, and blooming, but it isn't a quality tree. I expect it to not last long, but I too enjoy its beauty. This was the first year I cut off blooms to use indoors...so nice. I've now laid a bunch on a tray to dry, and see what they look like. Bummers on the gutters and roof....been there. Thankful for home owners.

Kim Klassen

oh dear.... sad to hear about your dogwoods...(and the damage).
but you are so right.... thank you for reminding me of all we are blessed with.....

such pretty images dotti....

have a beautiful day.

Lisa @ SLP

ack, stinky spring weather... so sorry about that> life does kind of put us in our place though sometimes, showing us it is not too bad after all. I love your outdoor shots, I am itching to get outdoor and shot some spring.

Cathy H.

I was so afraid your dogwoods would be damaged, but as you say they will bloom again next year. So glad you thought to bring some damaged blooms in. They're beautiful! Spring has come and mostly gone! There are some azaleas and irises still blooming. We are definitely getting the spring rains! Although I'm grateful for the rains, I doubly grateful for a sunny day!

Viv @ Thoughts from the Desktop

The same happens every year with my precious peony ! Only this time last year one of my daughter's friends was in Nepal at base camp ! And my son has just heard that a friend at base camp is safe so grateful for the aid that is reaching this most wonderful part of the world.


gorgeous blooms..and lovely edit with the kk_preset and texture

Michelle B

Sorry to hear about the hail storm. I am glad you all are ok. We can't wait for spring to get here and then get all this crazy weather. Yes the earthquake in Nepal does put things into perspective...
Your blooms are beautiful, even with hail damage. I really do love the pink dogwoods.

Marilyn Gallas

Sad to lose these beautiful blooms. I remember dogwood trees from growing up in the south.

amy of four corners design

beautiful blooms...but more important...being grateful...we all have much to be thankful for...including bruised blossoms!


such a great attitude dotti...i gave myself a similar talking too yesterday. and then go to make such beautiful art with a damaged blossom. yes...so much to be thankful for.


Your rescued dogwood blossoms look so sweet, Dotti. Sorry about that storm. And yes, the earthquake reminds us how much we have to be thankful for each day. Glad you could enjoy the pink blooms -- on and off the trees.


Your photos are gorgeous, the color of those dogwood flowers is so pretty ! I'm glad you're all ok, sorry about the damage though . We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for every day.....


First thought to cross my mind when I saw your image (before even reading your post) was that I was glad that you still put that image up there --perfect with its imperfections. I loved that.


I'm often times thankful I live where I do but that doesn't mean I'm 'protected' from 'happenings". It just seems like it. I feel that way about my peony every year and we just nearly had a freeze last night. This time I didn't cover it and let this little thing called trust move in. I can't even image what the people in Nepal are going through. Those dogwoods are just stunning!

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