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April 17, 2015


Michelle B

So very pretty! We have one white dogwood tree in our yard. I see the buds, but no blooms quite yet. The pink dogwood flower is one of my favorites, I think I need to plant one. :)

Barbara Hurst

Aren't these just the most grand trees, I love the story behind the blossoms also being from VA I heard this as a child? I just got back from Portland seeing my Grands yesterday and these were in full bloom, so lovely each and every blossom Dotti.


Your photos are so gorgeous, capturing the perfection of this beautiful flower - wish I had some ... we only have wild dogwood and it's not like this ...


So glad the dogwoods survived so we can can share in their beauty!

Cathy H.

So beautiful! I don't have a dogwood tree. We tried several years ago and just couldn't get one to grow in my yard! But, there are several nearby in neighbors yards that I can take pictures of! I feel a reverence when I look at a dogwood blossom, maybe it's from reading the Legend of the Dogwood Tree. They are simple blooms with only four petals, but they are gorgeous! I imagine your yard is gorgeous, too!


Oh, yours are already in bloom, and how wonderful to have a yard filled with dogwoods!! They are my favorite too. I have a small one outside my kitchen window, and this year it is really filled with buds...just started to open yesterday. So I'll be out there with my camera as soon as they open up. My first year using a DSLR I took a beautiful photo of them and printed it on canvas...still a favorite. I say, take all the dogwood photos you can...you are right, never can have too many.

kim at picking poppies

One can never have too many pictures of dogwood's or of anything for that matter. They are such gorgeous trees and remind me of all the Sunday drives with my grandparents, such great memories! (fabulous shots)

J Bonafilla

Such lovely photos, Dotti. I've never seen such gorgeous dogwood blossoms before. Over here they're not nearly so impressive as they are Stateside. All the best for a happy, sunny weekend, Bonny

Sarah C

Oh supurb captures! I love the dogwoods too and need to go for a walk and see if they are blooming!


I've always loved the dogwoods. My parents planted one the year I was born...I had my wedding photos taken underneath it. It killed me to have to leave that tree after my parents passed and I had to sell their house. When my husband and I had our house built, we had a landscaper plant a white dogwood in the yard, it was glorious. But a few years ago a hurricane knocked it down...I'm thinking it's time to plant another one! These images are just beautiful, Dotti, thank you for sharing!

a spirit of simplicity

I love the dogwoods also. Our neighbors have a beautiful old tree and I am always sure to go that way on my spring walks. It is so nice to be back in bloggy land. I found myself out of everything this winter...between recovering from much sickness and all the crazy snow we got....


Beautiful photos of your dogwood blooms ! I love them too, no chance to take photos of them this year though, we had a heatwave which made them flower and constant rain since.....so now all the petals are dropping off ! Oh well, there's always next year :)


Those dogwood blooms are so pretty, Dotti !
And so beautifully captured ... love the last one, such a wonderful pink !
Have a nice weekend,


Absolutely gorgeous captures Dotti! My favorite is the first one. I can see why the blooming of the dogwoods makes your heart flutter, I think they'd stop mine too... Happy Spring :)


These are all so very pretty, Dotti!! Beautiful captures.

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