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March 03, 2015



The side by side comparison of presets is so fun to see...I love each one. I am drawn a lot to using the "chocolate" preset, I love viewing all the presets on an image sometimes to see what look they will make. If it comforts you Dotti, we did not get the freezing rain and ice last night that was predicted....instead it headed further north. Maybe that impacted the prediction for you too! Thank you for the heads up on David duChemin. Yes, I have found a few other preset developers and I've purchased their sets...now my LR is fully loaded with presets. Fingers crossed for your "no snow/ice".


I like the dreamlike...but I am looking for more brightness this winter...hope the snow misses you...

Sarah C

Playing with presets is so much fun. Love all of yours! Blessings.


I am continuously amazed at what a difference presets can make to an image. I like seeing the different examples here. I don't know ... hope you don't get that snow ...

carol hart

I love all these images but am particularly fond of the organic preset right now for the rich black it creates. Gosh Dotti, 11" of snow. Better stock up on tea and cookies!


I love the effect of the chocolate preset! Isn't it fun to play with the presets and see what happens to your photos?

Carola Bartz

Thank you for showing these different presets - I like dreamlike and organic the best, but like you I do like all of them. I have started to play with presets only last year, and since I'm mostly a landscape and nature photographer (although I also love to take still lives) I can't always work with the few that I have. Perhaps the DavidduChemin set would be a more fitting one? I have to check that one out - I love David's photography!

Kim Klassen

lovely to see the different versions dottie.... what a sweet experiment..... : )

Marilyn Gallas

Well done, Dotti. I like Lightroom editing so much. Hardly use PS anymore except for textures or text.

Roxi (coppercurls)

I must say I like the lower right because of the fade. I hope you don't get 11. We're supposed to get more tomorrow after it hitting the 70s today.


yes I like them all too. I have a bunch of presets from various sources and like them. I find I use certain ones over and over, but not in the same way for every shot.


Pretty tulips, Dotti !
Lovely collage of the edits ... all are wonderful,
but ... I so love the 'chocolate' one ! :-)
Have a nice week,

Cheryl M

Great post and images Dotti! Like you, I love playing with the different presets and end up spending hours deciding which images to keep with which presets. I normally end up keeping way too many on my hard drive.........sigh.

Michelle B

Each tulip image is beautiful. I like each edit too. It is so hard to pick just one. We are getting rain right now, I can't believe you are possibly getting 11 inches of snow. I can't wait to hear on Friday how much snow you do get. Stay warm!

Cathy H.

Love how you grouped these so we can see the differences. I love them all, but I keep going back and forth between the upper right and lower left ones! I certainly hope the prediction of snow is way off. We're supposed to get snow here too, but not that much! Stay warm, enjoy the time with Campbell, read, and drink tea!!

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