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March 10, 2015



I read "Eleanor and Park." I liked it. Yeah. I did. I also found "Gone Girl" quite disturbing. I just finished "Testimony" about a private school in Vermont. Gripping. Very thought provoking.
And it's cold here and going to snow again. I can't take much more of this. Why is this stupid time change not just abolished????

Michelle B

Love your dark and moody tulips, such pretty colors. I love my Kindle a lot. I get so excited when I want a book and my library has the ebook available to borrow. I get the book without leaving my house and for free!


I like dark moody shots sometimes ,but looking at my work I guess I don't do a lot of those either :)

I find the Kindle most helpful on trips. You get the opportunity to take numerous books with you and you don't have to worry about the weight of carrying them all, nor do you need to wonder what to leave behind so you can take the books.


Pretty moody tulips, Dotti !
I love soft and light images, but lately I've noticed that I really like dark and moody too ...
Have a nice week,


I think tulips are perfect for this shot. There's just something about tulips...

Deanna@Snippets from Springdale

Yes, I agree, I don't do much if any moody pictures. But, like you, I admire some that I have seen recently. Sorry that the book is unsettling you, I can see how it would. I liked it because of the "not knowing" what is happening next. I started "The Nightingale" by Kristine Hannah, has rave reviews, but I got half way thru it and put it down. Just didn't do it for me. I wasn't crazy about her writing style. And ofcourse, you know I love my kindle. Never thought I would say that.


Such lovely lighting on your tulips!I read The Girl on the Train this year and thought the ending was more satisfying than Gone, Girl -- hope you think so, too! Best books I've read lately are All the Light We Cannot See (one of my all-time favorites) and Missing Elizabeth (fascinating viewpoint of a woman with Alzheimer's) and The Boys in the Boat (so inspiring!). Have a wonderful week, Dotti!

Deanna@Snippets from Springdale

Oh, and I don't read more than one book at a time.


Love your pretty tulips! I prefer the light and airy look too, but try the dark and moody look sometimes. It's been lovely and warm here today in NC, I can't believe we're planning a move to MI, but it is what it is ! I shall have to get used to snow ! I haven't read a book for ages, although I have a huge list waiting to be read on my Kindle......

Marilyn Gallas

I like the soft focus on the tulips in back and the sharp focus on the two in front. The dark moody look is perfect here.


The red tulips are spectacular against the dark background.

Carola Bartz

I think I'm more of "dark and moody" still life photographer and don't use that much white as I've seen in some other images. I love how the color of the tulips pops.
I'm currently reading "Conversion" by Katherine Howe - teenage literature. I like to read what my daughter reads (not all of it, but quite some), and this one so far is quite good. Well written, the author certainly knows how teenagers talk etc. It's quite gripping. I can't really say that much as I'm still at the beginning.
Yes, I still read books. I just can't bring myself to get a Kindle even though it would be a good idea for traveling. I love the feel of a book, the smell, the way the pages are printed, the fonts. I'm probably hopelessly old fashioned.


I think those tulips are lovely on that dark background, gives it a very dramatic look! I'm currently looking for a book to read. I read Gone Girl and I too found it disturbing, plus I'm not really into psycho thriller type books. I love my Kindle and how nice it is to be able to have any book you want uploaded in minutes. I was one who never thought I'd be happy with an e-reader but have since changed my mind. Of course, certain classics, I will always love in book form and I love my collection of old books that have been in my family for years.

How nice that your snow has melted. We still have a way to go but are making some slow progress.

Cathy H.

Beautiful tulips! It's one book at a time for me. I've been considering a Kindle. Good to hear that you like yours.


Lovely dark and moody tulips! I love how stumbling on a new technique can open doors that you never intended. I've been reading "The Motion of the Ocean" appropriately -- a funny account of a young couple's trip to the Pacific aboard a small sailboat. I'm in a marina right now that has excellent wifi so I'm catching up on my blogs. I just can't keep up with my prolific friends like you who post so frequently being on a sailboat but I'm glad I can drop in from time to time anyway and say hi! Spring is almost here. Happy, happy!

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