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February 03, 2015


Barbara Hurst

This was all the rage in the past to collect spoons and I remember the wooden case thingie they were put it. I always thought it was a dorkie thing to do when I would see them in a kitchen but now I think they would make for some great props. The old saying when goes around comes around comes to mind. The beautiful set up here is so pretty Dottie with the wording on the spoon. I also think the things we do for ourselves is better than doing for other people. You go Dottie!


I love your composition and that spoon is so nice ! a great prop indeed. Love the background
Beautiful shot of the piano !!
Lily over from TT

kim at picking poppies

I don't collect spoons but I do have a couple of favorites. A few wooden spoons that I've had for awhile that have just aged nicely. I have some of my grandmothers silver spoons (that need polishing), but my favorite collection if my bowl full of shells!

And I so wish I was a closet pianist or vocalist, sadly I'm not at all good at either one.

Michelle B

I 'collect' old bottles, keys, spoons, anything that might be photogenic. Your spoon is very photogenic, it makes a beautiful image. Good for you playing the piano again. I use to play the guitar but haven't picked it up in years...


I used to play. What it most represents to me is sadness. When I was teenager I used to play hymns from an old hymnal when I was mad or depressed. I got a keyboard several years ago (about 10) and I finally put it back in the box intending to sell it because I never had time to play and wanted the space for other things. Funny how all that just came back to me from reading this. Maybe I'll dig it out. :)

cheryl Crotty

I used to play the piano when I was a kid and then moved on to the organ after getting married...but I'm sorry to say I do neither today...you should keep it up...that is a lovely photo of your piano...
Love your spoon and tea photo also...I do like to collect old spoons now...and enjoy displaying them in my house...
Very nice post there.

Carola Bartz

Both photos I like really well. I am not a spoon collector, but I hope you don't laugh about what I collect - sand and soil from places I have visited. By now I have quite a collection from many countries in the world. They are still sitting in old plastic tubes where my rolls of film came in (yes, that old), but I eventually want to upgrade to some nice ones.


I am thrilled to think of you playing the piano again, Dotti. Wonderful post.

Marilyn Gallas

What a sweet spoon. Perfect for a Valentine shoot!


That is a wonderful spoon. I used to play flute, piano, bassoon, dance, majorette (twirl a baton type), community theater.....all at the same time until I finally said I could not handle it all Can I please drop one or two? I dropped flute and piano. Still have my pointe shoes that I worked so hard for.

Cathy H.

I love your spoon. It's so unique and perfect for February! So glad you're playing again. I play the piano for myself only. It's a stress reliever for me.

Kelly kardos

My dad played a mean piano. I'll always have that to cherish from him. Love the comp in the spoon image. Good on you picking the piano again. Happy Tusday.


Good for you, playing the piano again! I teach piano and have a few retired students. They want to keep their minds active and they enjoy learning to play songs they've loved for years. I also teach kids. Young, older, and anywhere in between -- music can brighten life!


I know of one other person who collects spoons. My friend's husband has a fine collection going and it's so interesting to learn the story behind each one of them.


One learns some nice things about people when a prompt is given to us....Yes, I do have a spoon collection that my grandmother and aunt made sure I started at the age of 15. I even had the spoon holder for the wall, but it finally came apart and now I use the spoons, instead of simply looking at them collect dust on the wall. My few years of piano lessons wasn't enough to make me call myself a pianist, but I do love playing what I know (for only myself). I love touching and hearing the sound from the keys. I'm happy you are taking a new interest in your own piano, and enjoying it along with Campbell. Lovely post Dotti!!!

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