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February 06, 2015



The beauty of the internet is being able to stay in close contact with those friends that you may have only met once or may never meet, yet you get along beautifully. I do agree snail mail is lovely and I enjoy receiving surprises in the mail. Great light in that last photo.


I like snail mail too .... It's so nice to get an envelope with my adress or a card.
Fine captures for FF.

Bonny Bonafilla

I like Snail Mail too - especially when it delivers lovely Valentine cards like that to my doorstep. What a great image and how nice of your friend to send it. Your photos are all lovely, Dotti. I hope you get lots more sunshine over the weekend and avoid the snow storms. All the best, Bonny

Cathy H.

A beautiful Valentine Card and beautifully photographed with your tulips! I miss snail mail and the excitement of going to the mailbox and finding a note or card with your name on it! Just doesn't happen very often any more! Jerry gets our mail and throws it on the table. Sometimes it's a couple of days before I look through it. Just bills and junk! Love the sunshine you're seeing. We had several days of sunshine before the temperatures dropped and the clouds came hovering over us! No snow, I'm sad to say!

Michelle B

Love the beautiful morning light! You are so right, the slant of the winter sun makes wonderful photographs. Hurray to you for figuring out something new in LIghtroom! Those small victories do add up. :) I feel like I have only scratched the surface of Lightroom, so much more to learn... Snail mail is the best. One of my favorite things about Christmas are the cards we receive in the mail. I like to put them on the mantel where I can see them, I just realized it is February and they are still there, oops. I will put that on my to do list...


Oh, how exciting you figured out all the LR files, catalogues, and moving things. I think so many of us have had our "issues" with that wonderful program. I've had question marks all over my photos!!! I agree with you about keeping a computer running smoothly and for a long time. Lovely gifts, and photos!! The last photo - yes please!


I love getting (snail) mail. I get excited whenever I see a handwritten envelope in the mailbox.

Lovely, lovely light in the last photo!

Barbara Hurst

Someone has been busy having fun, love seeing such a long post from you with your photography. Oh such beautiful light in that bedroom, you just want to eat it up if you could. Or maybe just bottle it and bring it out when you need to take an image. Gorgeous

Deanna@Snippets from Springdale

Oh what fun to get that delightful card via snail mail. And sun, glorious, glorious sun. Wonderful!! Now you will have to teach me how to transfer so I can free up my computer. I probably should get that big Kelby book out on Lightroom and figure it out!!

carol hart

Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed receiving your card. Beautifully photographed with those tulips, and that light...wow! Congrats on getting your LR catalog squared away. I too created a new catalog for 2015, moving my former catalog to my EHD. A good feelings when we get it figured out isn't it? Take care


Snail mail is delightful - but i hardly ever send any! I have been thinking recently of trying to do that more this year. Really lovely photos here :)

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