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February 17, 2015


Viv Halliwell

Wow Dotti, that is a lot of white stuff. here in my part of the UK we have had no snow and I am grateful for that. The whole place grinds to a halt we just do not cope well....


Somehow we have escaped much of the white stuff this winter, after the long, unending white covered ground of last year. My son is in VA Beach, hoping to fly back tonight! I love this picture of Campbell...coat open, and a big smile! So cute. Stay warm, and safe Dotti!


we had been dodging winter's bullet for much of the season too, but just got a taste of what you did! wow...that's a lot of snow. and how fun (even with the bitter cold) for Campbell to experience a big snow like that. Sometimes it helps to see the magic through the eyes of a child. :)


That is real snow. Yep. Is it wet enough to roll snowmen? Or too cold?

Barbara Hurst

She really looks happy with the snow, a lot for your area and I am sure it is cold. Stay warm


What a contrast!! Love the treatment of your snowy photo.
Here in NY it seems like it hasn't stopped snowing for the past 2 months but today it's sunny and actually quite pretty outside


If your area is like us, when we have this much snow everything closes down and the kids just have fun...Campbell certainly
looks like she is enjoying the white stuff. Stay warm and maybe we'll all see sunshine soon....


Three days really make a difference. Your editing of the photo through your window is beautiful.

Michelle B

That is a lot of snow! We were on the north side of the storm and only got about 2 to 3 inches. It looks like Campbell is having fun. Stay warm!


Wishing Adam and Christa safe travels...and you and Steve a clear path to the garage. Hope Campbell has fun in the snow like we did as kids...


Wow -- that's a lot of snow! Campbell looks SO happy. Stay safe and warm, Dotti!

Carola Bartz

That's quite a bit of snow - reminds me of my childhood in Germany. As children we loved the snow of course, whereas for my Dad it meant snow shoveling (we had a long and steep driveway), sometimes helped by us kids, but we were goofing around too much! Later, when I was cycling and even later driving I didn't like the snow on the roads that much anymore, but still got excited about the beauty of it all. Here in Northern California we have to go into the Sierra to get snow - last week was very spring like here with temperatures in the 70's.


Campbell certainly looks like she's enjoying it all! That is a lot of snow for you folks, I hope you are staying safe and warm. And I know that feeling when your kids are traveling...butterflies in the stomach until all are home safe.


Lovely! We just had snow as well, but only a light dusting. Expecting cold but sunny weather now! Normally March gives us at least another snowload so winter not over yet. I LOVE the seasons...

Cathy H.

Wow! That is a lot of snow! We started this week with several inches of sleet, which made an icy mess, then last night we had our first snow. Of course, I was sound asleep and missed it! We only got a dusting, but it was snow! Hope you and yours enjoy your days together and stay warm!

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