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February 20, 2015



Oh, I love reading about "found" space - I find it fascinating when that happens! I think it's because I like to decorate and rearrange things ... anyway, your setup looks and sounds perfect and your images attest to it. I love your daisies ...

kim at picking poppies

These are all out of the park awesome Dotti! I struggle with that "space" too....I have an overhang over my south windows in my kitchen and the north facing are at my covered front porch. I always find myself going outside to set up any still life, there is at least better light out there. (and my windows have a tinting on them-to help with the sun, go figure, lol) I suppose I should pull out the lightbox if I can remember where the darn thing is.


You finding a new space and light is fantastic Dotti! Your new space arrangement sounds a bit familiar. Having props, lenses, and shooting space all in one location just makes life a whole lot easier. It is fun to see BTS shots, and how a lovely work is created! And your daisies and the pitcher are just the perfect day brightener!! I know, I hope no ice this weekend either...and I can't believe more snow is coming.

Cathy H.

Now that's something to do on these cold days! I have yet to find a good space inside to set up my photos. I need one of your light bulb moments!! Love your flowers, but the daisies steal my heart!


I always love seeing the behind the scenes setup and the final shot! Nicely done! These lovely flowers make me impatient for Spring :)

Michelle B

Beautiful light on your daisies! It almost looks like spring. Your new studio looks like a great place to take pictures. I always like to see other people's BTS photos, it gives me ideas for my own set ups. Stay warm and have a good weekend.

Carola Bartz

Daisies sure are happy flowers, and yours look so lovely in that nice pitcher. I like your still life set up, it looks similar to mine; however, mine is not in my studio but on the dining room table since the only place in my studio is my worktable and there usually is some work in progress on it.


Glad you found the perfect spot. Two classes you go girl!


So nice you've found the perfect studio place, Dotti !
I love the first photo, the daisy against the dark background ... wonderful !
Love daisies too ... and that pretty pitcher !
Have a nice weekend,


Dotti, I'm just laughing out loud now. Really, I've read several posts lately of friends finding studio space - and they all make me smile! I was in the dining room (my studio) taking pictures with every piece of furniture pushed out of place and props scattered here and there. A friend stopped by unexpectedly and all she could say was, "So this is where the magic happens!" All this to say, I am happy for you that you've discovered a little space in your home to make your art! Love your images for today - and the new texture from Kim is perfect! The light on your daisies makes me feel warm with the promise of spring just around the corner!


I'm glad you've found a spot for your studio and it's great that it's also where you store your camera and lens...Everything will be handy. Your new space sounds perfect and I like that you shared it with us....Love those daisies.....


That studio space is fantastic!!! Do a self portrait for me in that light! Or Campbell! I'd love to see a person in that light. Head shot. Pretty please!!!!!!


I am so glad that you have found your 'space' with the great lighting! :) I love those white flowers... I am calling them 'white flowers' because I can't remember what they're called (I know they're pretty common).

Barbara Hurst

So glad you found the spot, makes a difference in the lifestyle world to have a spot ready to go. I turned my guest bedroom into one, only wish I had a little more wiggle room but it is what it is. I talked to my sister yesterday and she was hoping they wouldn't get a lot of ice also, she has a big pine in the backyard that really can't take the weight. The south has had a winter for sure.

Viv Halliwell

It is so much fun seeing everyone's setup. And the light on your happy daisies is beautiful. Glad the family made it home in one piece. good luck with the weather you are getting it bad over there !!!

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