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February 27, 2015


Barbara Hurst

Well they are your comfort zones and so I don't think you can get away from what you like. I really wouldn't call that getting out of your comfort zone but letting your photography be you and not what someone else likes. We are all unique in what we do, and that is a blessing. I do love the last image a lot but that is only what my eye likes. Have a great time on your GD's birthday.


Love the results, Dotti. I think it's always good to leave that comfort zone and try new things. Seems it's a good time of year to play and experiment. I am curious to know how Campbell reacts to that party...what ever happened to "childhood"?


I want to go to that birthday party! My feet and hands and winter worn head. I NEED to go! Keep us posted.


A great description of you trying techniques out of your comfort zone. And I agree with Barbara that "our eyes like" certain colors and hues. You experimented, and I'm guessing in the end you would print the top image with the lovely colors. Oh my...I could so use a spa day with a good massage.


It's always good to step out of our comfort zone ... I believe we really do grow when we try new things because we will always have our own preferences - no worries there.


Good on you for experimenting! It's in trying out different things that we kind of find what works for us. :)

Michelle B

A spa day sounds wonderful!! You are right, the only way to learn is to step out of our comfort zone, in photography and life.

carol hart

Experimentation is good exercise and I think you rocked it! As far as the spa thing, guess I'd have to agree with you - a bit much for the age group. Kids today are growing up too fast as it is, why push it? Oh well, I'm sure Campbell will have a good time. Happy Friday!


I think one of the values of experimentation is to confirm what you love most! Sometimes you hit on a new technique or genre, sometimes not…It's all good. That's quite the idea for a birthday party! I bet the picture of the styled up girls would be a keeper!

Viv @ Thoughts from the Desktop

Well your experiments are wonderful, I particularly love the last one. Hope you recognise Campbell when she gets back, they grow up so quickly...

Donna Milburn

I think your editorial-ish is great Dotti. I always love your work and I love seeing your bright colours too. It was interesting though seeing the same photo all edited differently... I also know what you mean by being out of your comfort zone. I struggle too! Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed your blog.

Cathy H.

Spa day? Campbell will have a ball! And, I'm afraid she'll like it!! Take a picture so we can see her all dolled up! I so agree with you about textures and presets. You know I do neither, since I don't have an editing program, but I just really like things as they are. I like your comment that what we see and how we photograph it is what's important. Otherwise our images all begin to look exactly the same!! Anyway, enjoy getting out of your comfort zone more often, because you did an excellent job of picking presets that don't take away, but enhance you original image.

Sarah C

I love it when things just click in. I'd love to read that book as I live in a neighborhood called Elmwood. I love the first edit that you did. I think is great to experiment and come up with an interpretation that is you. Blessings to you! (And I am totally up for some spa time!)


I think it's wonderful you're going out of your comfort zone and trying new photo editing techniques! Even as you experiment, I love that you know exactly what moves you and feels right to YOU. I love lots of different post-processing techniques and sometimes have a hard time sticking to just one "look". It's actually a goal of mine to have my photos have a more consistent look and feel. On another note, happy birthday to Campbell!! Hope she loves? the spa ;)

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