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August 15, 2014


Barbara Hurst

Ah all great portraits, what a great job Campbell did on your image a photographer for sure and some fun times ahead.


It's a beautiful photo of you Dotti! and your portraits are wonderful too - lots of authentic smiles!!


This may well be my favourite ever blogpost of yours. Yes. I'm nodding emphatically. As you know, I think that portrait of you is smashing, she really captured the "you" of you. I also am a big fan of people shots. I want to see the people. I want to see them over and over again. It's really a delight to see your family. The jean jacket, whoa, so cool. Love it. And are those Converse sneakers? Are they? I have them in purple. Can you tell how much I like this post? A lot, a lot, a lot. Okay, into the day. Happy school days, Campbell. Happy school days.


oh my gosh.... that photo shows YOU.... in all your beauty...it's gorgeous..... well done Campbell.....

look at your family....... so heart warming Dotti..... love this post so much!!

Have a beautiful weekend.... xo


Dotti, I already noticed your new profile photo ...
you look great ... such a wonderful portrait, Campbell did
a great job !
So exciting the first school day, lovely pictures of your
family !
Have a nice weekend,


Hi Dotti ... oh, the first day of school already??? say it isn't so. I love the photo your granddaughter took of you ... nice! And you just gotta love that toothless smile ... perfect! Hope you have a great weekend!


Wow, first day of school - the summers seem so short! You have a beautiful family - these are such lovely photos.


Oh the new photographer in the family is awesome! Love love the family photos and your new one. Beautiful!!


I love all the happy photos, they made me smile ! Love your portrait too Dotti, you're beautiful :)


I love all the happy photos, they made me smile ! Love your portrait too Dotti, you're beautiful :)


So wonderful to see all the family photos and to know the photographic talents have been passed down!
Wishing Campbell a great school year!


Campbell did a simply marvellous job of capturing your beauty outside and in -- as you do with her! She looks so great in her blue outfit and glasses and I love that jacket! Perfect. The family photos are just lovely too. What a handsome and happy bunch you have there!

Michelle B

Beautiful photos! Your granddaughter looks so happy for her first day of school. She looks like she enjoys school and she had on a great first day of school outfit. My daughter started Wednesday and that was not the look she had on her face. I really can't believe summer break is over...


Lovely photos Dotti, all the way around. Campbell is growing into a beautiful young lady. I hope that joy for school lasts all year.

Cathy H.

These make me smile this morning! You can see the love in all these photos! Campbell's first-day-of-school outfit is simply adorable...as is she! I have four grandsons starting school this next week; three are ready and eager and one is not (he's starting first year of middle school...that says it all.) I love your picture that Campbell took, she's really good and you're really beautiful!

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