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August 29, 2014


Cathy H.

I am impressed! Wow! She has composition, lines, POV, and even the rule of thirds down perfectly! She's a very talented young lady that has a very talented teacher/grandma!! So great that you thought of the poster idea!

Barbara Hurst

Good for you and Campbell, good grandma this will be a memory to keep for sure of your time together. Pretty cool idea.

Michelle B

Wow! Campbell has a great eye for photography. I wonder where she got that from? :) The poster is a great idea. Every time she sees it she will remember that day with her grandma.


oh my goodness dotti. to see with a child's eyes.

each one of the shots would be pretty on their own, but together in a collage like this it is really something special. i love how you put it together!

Carol Hart

Wow, great images! Campbell has a great eye! How wonderful that you have printed a poster for her. Every time she sees it, she will remember, "I did that".

Kia and Zeno

Campbell has a great eye for photography! :)
She'll treasure the poster forever.
Have a lovely Friday.


Well done Campbell she will be posting soon lol. Collage is so good, little memories so important when you are growing up.


Wowowow!!!! Great images- she's got your eye! What a wonderful way to encourage her photography skills! I love the poster- you are so awesome! Looking forward to reading her blog!


Oh WOW!! What a beautiful story and Campbell is one great photographer!! I love the collage and poster idea for showing the day's finds. And setting up her own LR Catalogue was brilliant!! Enjoy the poster! It's gorgeous!


What fun you too had. My husband is always crushed when I delete any of his photos off the picture card he is using. I love to delete at least half off of my own card. Too many to sort through otherwise. What a great idea for the poster and it definitely needs to be framed.


Wow, great shots by Campbell ! Love the idea of making them into a collage and framing them !


Such great pictures ! Can you make little posters for the rest of us? So enjoy reading what all of you are up to!

cathy @ ma vie trouvee

What a WONDERFUL idea - such a great memory of the day. They could sell this town to promote tourism!


Wow, Dotti, this is so exciting. I just love to hear about little girls being encouraged in their talents. You have given her so many wonderful gifts here -- time with you, time sharing an important interest, time developing her skills and then reinforcing your belief in her through printing the result of her efforts. If only every little girl could be as lucky as Campbell and have a grandmother as wonderful as you!

carol albers

wow! Shes a natural!!!

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