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August 22, 2014


Barbara Hurst

So lovely each of these and glad there is calm now. I thought I had calm also but after our violent lighting and thunder storm this week a few days later I found out lighting took out my router and my internet was down. A lighting strike fried my router and it didn't go down right away took a day or two before I lost power, I guess that happens who knew, anyway had to get a new router, which took a few days now I am back in business with the internet. Hope it is calm for a while, it was the most violent storm I have ever been in...something else very scary Mother Nature.


I love the soft tones of your images today - great collage! So funny, you, Barbara, and I all had huge lightning storms this past little while!

Carol Hart

Mother Nature is a powerful force to be respected. I think it makes us appreciate it's beauty all the more. These images are lovely with their dreamlike quality. I especially love your collage. Happy Friday.

Michelle B

I love the drops of water on the leaf. I tend to take for granted the beauty of late summer too. I need to start savoring it, while I still can...


Beautiful! Love the editing idea!

Diane Baker-Williams

Love taking photos after its rained. Your shots are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.


Lovely captures Dotti! It's wonderful that in every season, a landscape in any condition, beauty can be found. Even among wilting flowers and strewn petals :)


So pretty - i love the water droplets on the leaf. Beautiful images.


Your garden still looks wonderful! I especially like the coneflower. Mine is starting to wilt in the recent heat, but I'm trying to keep some of the blossoms looking good for a few more weeks. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. It's nice to be missed! xo

Rosie Grey

What a beautiful collection of flowers, Dotti!


Lovely collage, Dotti! Love the coneflower- and the water drops!


Pretty flowers in your garden, Dotti, love the background of the daisy in your collage !
We have a lot of rain and thunderstorms here ... and it's cold too, it seems like we have Autumn in August ... hoping for better weather soon :-)
Have a nice weekend,

Cathy H.

Love your collage with the background flower! We haven't had rain in days and it's so dry. Glad you weathered the storm!


Wonderful that you still have some beautiful petals in your garden. My coneflowers are finito! But at least we have fresh looking hydrangeas. Thanks for a peak into your garden.


A walk through the garden is always perfect! Mine is starting to wind down too.

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