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July 18, 2014



I have read many books about the low country and would love to get there some day. Those sweet grass baskets are wonderful. So glad you found more words.

Barbara Hurst

So glad you got more of these, I love little treasures like this that inspire. Who ever thought of this concept was pretty bright and has sure made a ton of money in the process. Wonderful that you still have the sand dollar. I am trying to recover from my vacation....so tired but good memories.

Laurie at Pride in Photos

Dotti, I too love these stones and have a small collection in my glass box. Great minds think alike right?! They do give such inspiration...amazing how little things can do this for us.


great inspiration!


love words..... sprinkled throughout the home..... gentle reminders.... and my oh my ....there are days I need the poke....
such a beautiful find.... and the basket too......

hope you are settled back in at home...... here's to a beautiful weekend.... xo


I find myself attracted to engraved stones. There is just something about them that is irresistible. The sand dollar story is heartwarming. What a beautiful memory.


i just love these lovely little messages. and that they have such special memories make them even special!


I'm in "seashore" heaven right here, looking at your fantastic finds!! I love, love this composition, and the stories behind the sand dollars....how lucky to find so many of them. It is nice to hear that traditions are still handed down, like the basket weaving...such a nice art form. I loved your post today Dotti - so peaceful and calming. xx


hi dotti...I am a sea girl myself, even though I live smack dab in the middle of the country with no sea in sight. For 30 years, I made my way down to Sanibel Island each and every winter ... I just love it there. Hours each and every day you could find me walking the beach in search of shells ... love! What a fantastic find ... all those sand dollars, that must have been quite a sight!


Lovely collection of handmade stones, Dotti !
Enjoyed reading your sand dollar story !
Have a wonderful weekend,


I love the stones, and your story about the sand dollars ! Oh my, that must have been amazing to find them all ! I love sand dollars too :)Living in NC, we go down to SC fairly often, there is a magic to the place, so I can easily see why you love it so much :) I have one small sweetgrass basket from a visit there a few years ago :)

Terri Porter

Well, you know how much I love anything "beachy" and the word stones are really special. After searching in vain for many years for sand dollars at our usual beach vacation spot in San Diego, we had a family reunion in Hilton Head, SC, and we struck paydirt! It must be that they prefer the east coast waters. We found hundreds and came home with as many as we could carry. That was back over 25 years ago and I still have them scattered around the house, as you do. Thanks for this sweet memory!


I have always wanted to visit that part of the world ever since I read books by Alice Monroe and Dorothea Benton Frank I love the sand dollars so pretty...

a spirit of simplicity

I love these stones. I had a friend who found flat stones and painted her own words one them with a paint pen. they came out very nice.

Carol Hart

I so love sand dollars. I'm always thinking there's a message they have in there for me if I am still enough to hear it!

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