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May 09, 2014


Kelly Kardos

Lol-I do like your find-what a story too. Getting back on a bike would weigh heavy on anyone's mind after such injuries. But good for you! Makes me want to take my bike off the mounts and ride.


yay dotti! this is so awesome. and i love this shot...it looks like something out of southern living. happy friday to you my friend.


That's quite a story, Dotti !
Enjoy your new bike !
Have a wonderful weekend,


Yay! Good for you. Enjoy your new just-for-fun bike. It looks a very fine bike and I'm sure you'll have great adventures together (maybe your new bike and your camera could be friends ;) Happy weekend!

Sherry at Still and All

Oh that's a beauty, Dotti. That is quite the story -- you are very active and adventurous! I'm so sorry that dog slowed you down for a time. (And glad you recovered so well.) But good for you for not stopping riding forever -- and for doing it for fun rather than a purpose! That's the best way! Enjoy.

Barbara Hurst

Good for you and getting back on after such a fall, I don't think I would have been that brave in fact I know I wouldn't have.


I have my own bike fear. Not from a nasty fall like yours, but having to do with herniated discs in my low back. Riding a bike aggravates my sciatic nerve causing pain down my left leg and numbness in my left foot. This spring I have been riding a recumbent style bike at the gym encouraged by my personal trainer. She knows I would love to go out riding with my hubby again. So far so good. I usually ride 1-2 times a week at the gym and so far no problems. Hopefully if it continues to go well we will look into a recumbent bike for me. They aren't cheap but it would be worth it to ride again. Enjoy riding about on your new wheels.

Cathy H.

I'm sure you'll have such fun on your new bike! You're braver than I would be!

amy of four corners design

yippee! a new bike! I love it! and wish I would have kept my Raleigh from years ago...

Carol Hart

How wonderful! I feel like I'm riding by your side. Really love that last image. Happy weekend to you!


You had quite the bike riding experience - mostly good, but falling off and breaking a shoulder... not so good... I think you're smart to return to the hybrid and safe trails. Have a wonderful weekend, Dotti!


That is a story! I guess it's like getting back on the horse. You get back on the bike. I certainly understand your reluctance to get back into the long trips. Your hybrid bike looks perfect to me. I hope you enjoy many, many miles on this beauty!


I remember your sharing your biking experiences, so good for you on taking the plunge, I love the last photo and think you new bike is quite swish..


My goodness, that dog story. I would be hesitant to ride again too. I love my bike. It is an oldy but goody....it has a great gear ratio that helps me keep up with my quick husband.

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