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April 11, 2014



Sorry for the unpleasant allergy attack! Wow, I love your blue jar. They always look so pretty with light coming through. Last year I found a box of six new pint size at Target to celebrate the anniversary. I haven't checked this year.

Michelle B

So glad you found one! Those blue mason jars look so good with flowers in them. They even have special mason jar lids, with wire over the hole, that keep flowers in place and the flowers won't fall over. It works great.


well spring allergies are no fun...but afternoons with nancy and tea are a comfort i'm sure. :) yay for happy blue ball jars and pretty flowers and fridays. happy weekend dear friend. xo

Barbara Hurst

I joined you in the allergy attack this week, man it hit me hard, red burning eyes so I could hardly see and nose running. It is the pits when you can't enjoy the beautiful weather isn't it? Love the jar and I really should have bought one of these along with my other friends. But I got some treasures that I am happy with. Love the color nothing like that blue.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I love the colour of that jar! Yep, it's yard work for us this weekend as well.

Terri Porter

Oh, I love those aqua Ball jars so much! I have the 1/2 gallon size and a couple of smaller ones and just bought a fourth one on a trip earlier this week. Just can't resist them! Love the focus in your shot! According to my Ball jar dating chart, yours looks like it was made in 1910-1923. Fun to have something older than we are!


Glad you found that blue Ball jar, Dotti, it looks really pretty !
Hope Campbell will be better soon ...
Nice weekend,


As soon as the warmer weather comes so do the alleges ! And I love the colour of your jr so pretty...


Oooh love the focus on the jar! Very creative shot! These jars are so wonderful aren't they?! In fact, I bought mine a big brother today (bigger, but same vintage).


oh springtime allergies ... awful! esp. for the little ones. Love the color of your mason jar ... beautiful photo!


My little girls have constant sinus problems too...it's hard. I'm glad you found a jar.

Deanna@Snippets from Springdale

I did the same thing when I was on the hunt for a blue ball jar...luckily I found 3 sizes, all at the same place. Don't ya just love it!! And so sorry to hear about the allergy girl, not fun...maybe Nancy makes her feel better!!


It looks beautifull, and I love the story with it. I had to smile when you wrote " why be greedy" , so wise. ;)
Have a great weekend, best wishes from Janine ( germany)

kim at picking poppies

Ahhh, there is nothing like a blue mason jar! And so sorry for all the allergies, it's been bad here too.

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